Northrop XP-79 Flying Ram Aircraft Concept by USAAF

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Northrop XP 79
Northrop XP-79 Flying Ram Aircraft Concept by USAAF was a futuristic layout proposal for a flying wing fighter aircraft. It was initially conceived like a rocket powered interceptor, but later the structure was altered to allow for jet engines. Amazingly the USAAF briefly toyed with all the idea of using XP-79′s for you to literally ram German bombers out of the skies. It absolutely was hoped that if the aircraft has been built sturdily enough it would survive the impact and be able to be used repeatedly. The idea was to use your XP-79′s strong wings to slice the actual tails off the enemy aircraft. As it turned out the war ended ahead of the first flight was ever made. The XP-79 featured numerous unusual along with advanced ideas and engineering solutions. Perhaps many unusual of all was the prone piloting position by which the pilot laid on his or her stomach with his head facing out from the canopy at the front. This layout meant he might withstand greater g-forces in the vertical axis. As well as the odd layout, the XP-79 Flying Ram additionally featured a high-tech welded magnesium monocoque construction, instead of a more conventional riveted aluminium structure. In addition unusual to the design was the four-wheel retractable undercarriage.

Design Northrop XP 79 Flying Ram Aircraft
The Northrop XP-79 Flying Ram project ended up being beset by problems from your outset. Even during initial taxiing tests it kept on bursting tires. Later, once this problem was resolved, the aircraft was taken for its maiden flight. Upon September 12th 1945, test pilot Harry Crosby took the XP-79 in the skies and up to an altitude of Several,000 feet. That flew without problems for around Fifteen minutes, then suddenly without warning it went into a spin. Crosby has been unable to regain control with the aircraft and so attempted to bail out in around 2,000 feet. Unfortunately he got caught in the doomed aircraft’s slipstream and his parachute failed to open. Equally he and the XP-79 smashed into the desert along with the aircraft burst into flames. After this kind of accident the USAAF decided to never continue with the project, and the Flying Ram had been cancelled.

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Aircraft Northrop XP 79 Flying Ram
Design by USAAF


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