Tricircle Ring Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Peter Fletcher

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Tricircle Ring Watch
Telling time is extremely easy, time is displayed via three viewing home windows, the very best ring shows the hrs. The minutes are displayed through the two lower rings, the left ring shows ten minutes batches and also the right shows single minutes. The timepiece is dependant on an analogue movement, ideally an increase hour type to ensure that time is definitely obvious displayed through the viewing home windows. The outer glass from the viewing home windows be used as touch sensitive controls for that configurations, modes and illumination. This design combines traditional elements having a contemporary design, which hopefully can offer universal appeal. The proportions should suit nearly all wrist dimensions. The sculptured form should attract individuals who choose something from the norm. The way of exhibiting time is novel but easily recognised an intuitive. The rings could be powered with a traditional analogue movement which hopefully adds just a little realism towards the design along with a hint of produce-ability.

Design Tricircle Ring Watch Concept
Peter says:

I was visiting the gym and noticed various posters promoting the 2012 olympic games. The main image associated with the olympics are the olympic rings, a set of interlinked coloured rings. I started thinking that it would be nice to use interlinked rings to tell the time. The result looks similar to the trinity symbol.

TokyoFlash Tricircle Ring Watch

Peter Fletcher Tricircle Ring Watch
Design by Peter Fletcher


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