4cross Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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4cross Watch
The touchscreen has 6 pressure points, 4 within the corners for that 4 buttons (backlight, time, date and alarm) and a pair of in the centre then when you want to alter the time/date/alarm, choose things to change. In the centre would be the 4 crosses. The 2 above would be the hrs/several weeks and towards the bottom two minutes/day. Each mix shows the amounts to 9 with only 5 squares. For everybody who loves minimalist yet complex watches. Its simplicity, complexity, and advanced style. We thought right now it needed to be considered a touch screen. We believe that the screen consists of black mineral very lens (much like your watch Oberon), which can’t see anything until it’s switched on.

Animation 4cross Watch TokyoFlash
Ignacio says:

The original idea came from my brother Jose. He showed me a sketch with 4 crosses and I helped to develop it and made the renders.

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Alarm 4cross Watch Concept
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