Levitators Speaker Concept by James Coleman

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Levitating Superconducting Speaker
The actual Levitating Superconducting Speakers concept works by having any superconducting element housed inside a transducer, which can be suspended in the superdiamagnetic field by a good electromagnet. Changing the electromagnetic field strength can cause the transducer to oscillate, that can impart sound directly into the air. There are two contrasting designs. The particular first has a black base with gold transducers. The upper sections of the base rotate throughout opposite directions to allow the actual transducers to provide stereo appear. This version of the Levitators has zero user input and is governed entirely by whatever unit it is connected to. Your second design regarding Levitating Superconducting Speakers has a blue/green base and silver transducers as well as consists of two separate units for you to provide stereo. This version includes a touchscreen around it’s base, as well as by moving one, a pair of or three hands up and lower anywhere on the screen, your user can control the actual volume, bass and treble respectively. The display could also show details about the currently playing media. Power along with data are transmitted wirelessly within both designs.

Concept Levitators Speaker
These Levitators Speaker Concept by James Coleman possess been made not necessarily as a realistic present day layout, but as a design concept of a future product or service. The technology required to produce these speakers exists today, but the superconducting material does not but operate at room temperatures and can be too expensive for mass production, and also the wireless power is not efficient enough for you to provide the power required. These technologies are improving every day and it will be likely that these kinds of speakers will be a viable product or service in 20-30 years.

Futuristic Levitators Speaker Concept James Coleman Levitators Speaker Concept 2012 Levitators Speaker Concept

Superconducting Speaker Levitating Concept
Design by James Coleman


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