Opel RAD-e Bike Concept by Kiska

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On March 13, 2016
Last modified:April 3, 2012


Opel RAD e Bike
Opel RAD-e Bike Concept by Kiska is the first e-bike designed around automotive production methods. It is made of hollow pressed-steel which can be light, strong, flexible and easy to generate. The pedelec drive of the RAD e is based on a state-of-the-art 250 Watt electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery. It provides a good electrically-assisted range of 60 in order to 140 km, depending on the terrain. The boomerang styling factors, which also feature in the award-winning Ampera and RAK e, give the RAD e a dynamic, sporty character. Various other design highlights include the actual almost self-supporting frame, which usually makes the battery the heart of the bike; the dynamic flow of lines; as well as the fully-enclosed drive, which reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Futuristic Opel RAD e Bike Concept Sketch Opel RAD e Bike Concept Design Kiska Opel RAD e Bike Opel RAD e Bike Concept Bike Design Opel Rade Bike Concept

2012 Opel RAD e Bike
Design by Kiska


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