POSE CellPhone Concept by Serguey Markov

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Pose CellPhone
POSE CellPhone Concept Design by Serguey Markov was inspired by simply Apple when they first revealed ipod shuffle. Utilizing light reflective display (which already created by a company called Immersion), instead of following the same big screen display design, this mobile phone concept boasts flip/clamshell form. Here’s the particular cool feature, you can use almost all surfaces of this concept mobile phone to display anything at all they like. Your motion sensing interactive surfaces means it is possible to use and even reprogram almost all of its body to act whichever you wish them in order to, such as reprogram the right side for you to act as a scroll wheel or touch strip.

Concept POSE Phone Futuristic POSE Phone Concept 2020 POSE CellPhone Concept Serguey Markov Pose MobilePhone Concept

Mobile Phone POSE Concept
Design by Serguey Markov


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