Proposal NOOKA Watch Concept by Anthony Puleo

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Proposal NOOKA Watch
This watch design proposal for Nooka originated from Anthony Puleo. It features stylish design in dark colored. The starting time and date details are displayed in large amounts and text, it doesn’t need a lengthy hard stare to be aware what time is. Instantly, everybody will have the ability to browse the time out of your watch, it’s pretty tough to miss. The timepiece face includes 2 sections in which the top elevated section can be used to show time and also the bottom section can be used to show the date. Puleo, a contemporary industrial designer, has develop black and version of the minimalist watch.
Design Proposal NOOKA Watch Concept

Watch Proposal NOOKA Concept Proposal NOOKA Watch Concept Modern NOOKA Watch Concept

Anthony Puleo NOOKA Watch Concept
Design by Anthony Puleo


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