Schacht Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Samuel Jerichow

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Schacht Watch
It’s a wrist watch for anybody having a nerdy side along with a sense for cryptical ornament. The timepiece looks confusing in the beginning but is easy to see, when you get accustomed to it. The tunnel effect provides the display a fascinating and eye-catching depth. You will find four rhombically aligned amounts which the 2 top ones show the present hour and also the two bottom ones the present minute. The seconds are proven by crosswise situated amounts within the center. All six amounts form a presentation that appears like alien hieroglyphs or perhaps a circuitry – cryptically searching but really simple. By putting a mirror below and over the display, it will get aesthetically repeated and forms a vertical tunnel, “Schacht” in German. The very best mirror is transparent on its backside and enables us to determine the display.

Design Schacht Watch Concept
Sam says :

The inspiration for this watch comes from the infinite tunnel you can create with two mirrors and from the way, the Kisai 3D Unlimited handles LCD. My idea is to combine the tunnel effect with a colored LCD display and an interesint way to show numbers.

Samuel Jerichow Schacht Watch Concept TokyoFlash Schacht Watch Concept

Light Schacht Watch TokyoFlash
Design by Samuel Jerichow


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