ZIIIRO Proton Watch Concept by ZIIIRO

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ZIIIRO Proton Watch
ZIIIRO Proton is really a beautiful and stylish watch exhibiting time using two transparent gradient dvds, blue color representing the hour and yellow exhibiting the moment. By overlapping both gradients, it produces a brand new variety of eco-friendly color which will catch attention whether by the pool or heading out on the date. Obtainable in three colors of transparent, transparent-smoke and milky-whitened.

ZIIIRO has released 2 new collections for this month: ZIIIRO Proton and ZIIIRO Ion. Just like their other watch designs, this collection boasts minimalist approach with unique color combination. Both models are fully interchangeable with all watches from the bracelet series (Gravity, Aurora, Orbit, Ion and Proton).
(ZIIIRO Ion Watch Concept by ZIIIRO)
ZIIIRO Proton ZIIIRO Ion Watch

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Minimalist ZIIIRO Proton Watch
Design by ZIIIRO


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