iWallet Biometric Wallet Concept by iWalletUSA

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iWallet Biometric Wallet
iWallet Biometric Wallet Concept by iWalletUSA has extraordinary features a single wouldn’t have expected in a wallet. The particular outer case is made of carbon fiber which makes it a hard scenario and tamper resistant material. The wallet can be built-in with a biometric reader and the wallet can be opened only if it recognizes your current fingerprint. What else can make the wallet safe? This wallet will be linked to your mobile phone using the Bluetooth. This gives a loud alarm if you happen to miss either of the gadgets and if you are simply 10-15 ft away from the other. It has theft deterrent technology and ensures user privacy. The technology is a licensed design which can be incorporated straight into OEM products.

iWalletUSA iWallet Wallet Concept1
Design by iWalletUSA


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