Liquid Watch Concept by Andy Kurovets

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Liquid Watch
Liquid Time Watch Concept, the stylish metal body offers 3 different colors: black, red-colored and silver, it may be regarded as a watch and jewellery in a single. I believe I’m now formally keen on Andy Kurovets’ works. Andy Kurovets has designed a wristwatch that imitates an shapely, known as Liquid Time or also bring it up as “From Nowhere to Nowhere”. Superbly built from 2 specifically crafted LCD screens, Liquid Time also features creative typography that forms the amounts to inform time. I don’t use whatever buttons, question how you can setup time or attempt to illuminate the amounts.
Design Liquid Time Watch

Stylish Concept Liquid Watch

Andy Kurovets Liquid Time Watch Concept
Design by Andy Kurovets


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