Lunar Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Heather Sable

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Lunar Watch
This design sticks out since it is quite readable instantly if guess what happens to search for, yet it appears absurd for an outsider should you let them know it’s really telling time. By placing the 4 numbers in to the quadrants without showing lines to split up them, the display seems to become simply a creative searching pattern of dots – maybe swiss cheese, or moon craters. The attention could be educated to recognize the numbers to ensure that time could be read simply instantly, but there’s additionally a built-in function to assist. Press a control button quietly to briefly reveal “digit separators”. This can be either if you are inside a hurry, or as training tires when you begin learning the numbers. There’s additionally a backlight for reading through time at nighttime.

Design Lunar Watch Concept
Heather says:

My favorite type of display for a watch is a digital, read-at-a-glance, “always on” display that appears cryptic to the outsider. I started with a rectangular four-quadrant format for the digits. By cutting out circular pieces I found that I could create some recognizable yet abstract looking digits.

TokyoFlash Lunar Watch Concept

Heather Sable Lunar Watch Concept
Design by Heather Sable


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