Neptune MM2 Submarine Concept by Vil Tsimenzin

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Neptune MM2 Submarine
Neptune MM2 Submarine Concept by Vil Tsimenzin. While designing a submarine, a great deal of factors need to be taken under consideration. Designed with totally dry sealed cabin, Neptune MM2 is a two-seater sport micro submersible. Neptune MM2 can reach a new dive depth of 750ft, with full life support. It consists of a highly secured along with monitored environment, with powerful oxygen refill system as well as CO2 scrubbing. To support maximum maneuverability, this particular vessel uses a nose probe guided dive as well as rise action. Powered by A couple of large multi-axis thruster power, Neptune MM2 can obtain speed of 12 knots beneath the water. Balance is controlled by a new state of the art comprehensive onboard, multi point exterior pressure analysis and adjustment application, which constantly re-adjusts to aquatic action conditions using the thrusters along with the large dual section steering tailfin.

Submarine Neptune MM2 Concept 2012 Design Neptune MM2 Submarine Futuristic Neptune MM2 Submarine Concept Aquatic Neptune MM2 Submarine Vil Tsimenzin Neptune MM2 Submarine

Two Seater Sport Micro Submersible
Design by Vil Tsimenzin


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