Samsung Proxima Watch Concept by Johan Loekito

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Samsung Proxima Watch
When you look with Proxima for the first time, you might think that is another LED wristwatch concept with futuristic style. But this stylish concept can be more than that. In fact is a 2-in-1 product or service because it’s a LED wristwatch as well as phone at the same time. The project has been developed by Johan Loekito inside collaboration with Samsung Design America within fall 2009. Starting through the idea that “you’ll never loose your phone again”, Proxima characteristics a proximity sensor which detects the particular presence of the detachable product. It reminds you by way of a warning vibration as well as sound to not forget your phone when you’ve moved apart from detached unit. Detachable unit have a color e-paper display and any dual LED display. To set on calling mode, a person simply detach the screen along with open it if you want to send communications. Keeping the screen in the compact mode means which it is closed.

Design Samsung Proxima Watch Concept Samsung Proxima Watch Johan Loekito Samsung Proxima Watch Concept

LED WristWatch Samsung Proxima Concept
Design by Johan Loekito


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