FOUR LED Watch Design Concept TokyoFlash

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This watch design is dedicated to Tokyoflash’s fans seeking futuristic timepiece which has quality looking and may fit on wrist along with conventional steel strap and clasp setting. Four Watch is designed taking into consideration of the technology and layout aspect of other previous as well as current Tokyoflash watches such as Shinshoku, Fire, RPM, and Seven. The particular tag is, Transform with moment, with Four Watch Design. Four Watch Design is a really futuristic looking Twelve 5-9 based LED watch that is effortless and fun to tell your time. Time is separated by group of 12×1 hour, 5×10 minutes and also 1×9 minutes alongside the “4? shape face and a part of the strap.

Concept FOUR LED Watch TokyoFlash

Firdaus says : I was influenced by many Japanese Tokusatsu and most of them featured henshin gadget that are very futuristic and stylish. Inspired by the shape of digit “4″ and Japanese “つ” (tsu), I came up with this watch design.

TokyoFlash FOUR Watch TokyoFlash Firdaus FOUR LED Watch Concept TokyoFlash SVersion FOUR LED Watch TokyoFlash LED FOUR Watch TokyoFlash

How To FOUR Watch TokyoFlash
Design by Firdaus TokyoFlash


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