Minimal Silicone E-Ink Watch Concept by Anthony Puleo

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Minimal Silicone E Ink Watch
Minimal Silicone E-Ink Watch that features minimal design, yet with maximum statement. Developed by Anthony Puleo, the exact same designer who sent us Nooka watch design proposal, this minimal wristwatch features E-ink technology behind a new beautifully faceted display face. Ultra thin and light bodyweight, the watch weighs only .63 ounce. The unibody silicone body is water resistant up for you to 6 meters. It can be worn in either wrist and comes within 4 color choices. Since it’s digital, we kinda hope it has date and alarm features, but there’s no further explanation from the designer.

Wristwatch Minimal Silicone E Ink Concept E Ink Minimal Silicone Watch Concept

Anthony Puleo Minimal Silicone E Ink Watch
Design by Anthony Puleo


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