Pixely E-Paper Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Pixel Intensity TokyoFlash
The watch itself is actually held minimalistic. It’s an IP-black band framed by a couple of stainless steel stripes. I chose a metal dependent watch with a segmented strap to provide the pixel display a sophisticated housing. I’m suggesting an e-paper display because that is competent at displaying the different pixel shades (black, white, a pair of shades of grey). E-paper would furthermore allow to implement the learning mode starting with the basic numbers which get more and more pixely until that they reach the minimum resolution. The particular display is covered by glass plate, that’s a bit bumped on its inside, bringing the pixel effect to a hardware level. This is a watch with regard to artists, minimalists and pixel lovers who such as it extraordinary but much more sober, less flashing. Low resolution doesn’t indicate low quality.

It’s a cool artistic way to describe reality. You will find pixels everywhere these days and this concept makes them timeless. Imagine the traditional 7-segment numbers you recognize from LCD displays. In this watch, they may be pixelated to the max, until they are almost unrecognisable. Almost. The outcome is a set of figures made of 2×3 pixels that are still distinguishable by the placement and the brightness of his or her pixels. There are 8 numbers that in pairs tell the current hour, minute, month and also day.

Pixely Intensity Watch TokyoFlash

Sam says: The idea for a pixely display came while working on another watch. I like pixels so I developed a display, that shows time and date with low resolution numbers.

Pixely E Paper Watch Concept Pixely E Paper Watch Design TokyoFlash Samuel Jerichow Pixely E Paper Watch TokyoFlash TokyoFlash Pixel Intensity Sam Jerichow Samukun Pixely E Paper Watch TokyoFlash

Pixel Intensity Samuel Jerichow Watch
Design by Samuel Jerichow


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