Renesis Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Renesis Watch
This watch uses a conventional analogue movement, yet instead of conventional hands this uses any eccentric cam and a gear in order to drive a triangular rotor side, with the right gearing this hand highlights the hours, the eccentric cam highlights the minutes. The search of the watch always adjustments as the rotor moves around the face imitating the particular movement of the rotor in the motor,the minutes move while using rotor like a constantly moving sculpture. Hopefully this design will certainly appeal to fellow petrol heads, people who like mechanical along with analogue watches. The inspiration used creates any unique and ever changing mechanical sculpture. This kind of concept should be quickly realised as should end up being made possible which has a standard analogue movement.

Concept Renesis Watch TokyoFlash

Cesar says: I own a Mazda RX8 which is famed for its Renesis Rotary engine. Inspired by the rotor and its eccentric movement I designed this watch.

TokyoFlash Renesis Watch Concept Cesar Renesis Watch Concept TokyoFlash Backlight Renesis Watch TokyoFlash Silver Renesis Watch TokyoFlash

Watch Renesis TokyoFlash
Design by Cesar TokyoFlash


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