Sway Electric Trike Concept by Joe Wilcox

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On May 13, 2016
Last modified:May 16, 2012


Sway Trike
Sway Electric Tilting Trike Concept by Joe Wilcox will make you think twice about movements. Sway combines buzz and performance of inclined into turns just like a motorcycle, but this time, you don’t have to worry about slipping over like if you ride two tires vehicle. Currently out there, we already have tilting three wheelers, however, they are offered within very expensive price and complicated structure. This unique fantastic tilting three-wheel electric automobile has been designed to meet the needs of a tilting trike that is not complex as well as over-priced, yet still offers a various advantages over a two wheeler. It was started like a senior thesis regarding Joe Wilcox and eventually offers turned into Sway.

Sway Electric Trike Concept by Joe Wilcox charger is a 60v/5a trickle charger that takes around two hours to fully charge from a 110v wall socket. Charge time can be reduced drastically with larger chargers. LiFePO4 batteries can be charged very rapidly if you provide enough juice. Sway will be a street legal moped-class vehicle. Some terrains are better than others, but as you can see from the video, it is very versatile.

2012 Motorsport Sway Electric Trike Concept Design Sway Electric Trike Moto Concept

Joe Wilcox Sway Electric Trike Concept
Design by Joe Wilcox


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