TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Concept by Eric Han

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On May 18, 2016
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TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Concept by Eric Han was a concept design project for Michelin with targets to create an affordable, flexible, and efficient technique of transportation suitable for Of india. “TCOOTER” means “TWEEL” + “Scooter”, in link to Michelin’s “TWEEL” which means “Tire” + “Wheels”. Suspensions on this vehicle will be exchanged by technology of “TWEEL” and additional shock absorbing versatility within bridge-like construction in the frame. Outer shell in the frame is used as cover for internal system, and as a assistance for replaceable pieces (such as seats and racks) that can be created by rider to suit their demands according to his/her needs.

Urban TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Design Design TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Concept Eric Han TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Concept

2012 TCOOTER TWEEL Scooter Concept
Design by Eric Han


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