TI:ME Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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TIME Watch TokyoFlash
This design can be unique because of its brand-new use of the word “TIME” in place of traditional number. The watch is the always on LCD so the time can very easily be read at a glance. Each segment within the first half associated with “TI:ME”, including the colon, indicates the hour. The segments in “ME” show your minutes. Information about the date is displayed across the edge of the face. This watch will be for anyone who enjoys term jokes or jokes in general.

TokyoFlash TIME Watch Concept

Albert says: I wanted to design a watch that would tell a visual joke, or at the very least, be amusing to the reader. Working from there, I decided to use the word “TIME” to tell the time.

Concept TIME Watch TokyoFlash Traditional Number Concept TokyoFlash

Albert TIME Watch Concept TokyoFlash
Design by Albert TokyoFlash


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