Trax MkII Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Trax MKII Watch
This style stands out because of its industrial seem and time telling method. The belts give it any mechanical feel which could be powered by existing movements introducing to its feasibility. Clearly this style is very industrial because you would expect if the inspiration is military hardware. Therefore therefore will just appeal to certain types of people who such as the industrial look. People who like physical objects, engineered products and military hardware might like this layout. It may appeal action men, massive kids and adventurers alike. The time in this design is told by either three regarding four tracks (belts) the track/s on the left side tell your hours and the ones for the right tell the minutes. The particular time is the row regarding numbers in the center with the watch which correspond to the rocker style button that also acts as a marker for your time. These belts could be driven by small motors or perhaps a mechanical movement. I have opted for the 24hr format but would also work which has a 12hr format.

TokyoFlash Trax MkII Watch

Peter says: I wanted to come up with a watch design based on driven belts. The first thought that popped into my head when thinking about belts was caterpillar tracks and what caterpillar tracks are usually attached too. So I decided to use tanks as an inspiration for this watch concept.

MKII Trax Watch Concept TokyoFlash Concept Trax MkII Watch TokyoFlash Peter Fletcher Trax MkII Watch TokyoFlash

Design Trax MKII Watch Peter Fletcher
Design by Peter Fletcher


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