3D Sphere Watch Concept ToyoFlash by Peter Fletcher

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Sphere Watch

Peter says:
Traditional wrist watches tend to tell the time in a very 2D format, I am fascinated by the idea of using 3D to tell the time. I decided to use a sphere as it is about as 3D as it gets, also a sphere is omni-directional which lends it self to telling the time using more than one axis. I have decided to show 2 different time display methods using the sphere.

The white watch sphere rotates in two directions: the minutes are displayed using the Y axis like a conventional analogue watch, the hours by the x axis. Where the hours meet the bezel (which has the minute markers on it) is the time. The black watch sphere rotates in one direction using the x axis to display the hours, the bezel rotates for the minutes, where the hours meets the bezel is the time.

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Concept 3D Sphere Watch ToyoFlash
Design by Peter Fletcher


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