Bphone Slim Smartphone Concept by Li Hao & Gu Yutong

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On June 2, 2016
Last modified:February 24, 2012


Bphone Smartphone Li Hao Gu Yutong
Bphone Slim Smartphone Concept by Li Hao & Gu Yutong is a smartphone along with its own detachable Bluetooth headset. The smartphone includes a magnetic adsorption device, and the Bluetooth headset is attracted and mounted on the smartphone via magnetism. Your magnetic adsorption device makes the actual Bluetooth headset lightweight, portable, and hopefully, hard to lose. Only one gentle push of the Bluetooth headset receiver will nudge it out of their niche. After it’s placed on one’s ear, phone calls may be made along with received. Soon after use, it could be plugged into the again of the smartphone. The particular integrated Bluetooth headset enhances your portability of the phone. Your headset can be billed with the smartphone.
Design by Li Hao & Gu Yutong for red dot award


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