Bumper Sound Concept by Lee Sanghwa

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On June 19, 2016
Last modified:February 24, 2012


Bumper Sound Concept
BumperSound Concept by Lee Sanghwa is a flat rubber-coated earphone cable that will wraps around one’s mobile phone to protect it from bumps and knocks. Several mobile phone users attach a case for you to their phone to be able to prevent scratches and also protect it through knocks and the impact associated with being dropped. Various other phone users dislike the particular lack of design harmony between phones and also cases. Many mobile phone users also carry a set involving earphones to employ with their particular phone. Most folks like in order to roll up your earphone cable when not really in utilize, but this could damage the internal electric wire and cause disconnection among the earphone terminal as well as wire. There are many issues relating to earphone cable management, storage, as well as portability.

Bumper Sound combines the earphone and phone situation functions, and by performing so, resolves many of the issues that surround the individual products. The Bumper Sound earphone cable wraps round the edge of the mobile phone to be able to act as its ‘bumper.’ This particular also creates the storage solution for that cable. The cable takes a flat, grooved format that may provide a number of sense of design unity with the phone. Staying made with rubber, the particular cable provides good shock absorption.
Design by Lee Sanghwa for red dot award


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