Digital Density Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Samuel Jerichow

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Digital Density Watch
Digital Density Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Samuel Jerichow, The numbers are usually made of six dots at maximum. The dots are the location where the segments of the classic numbers have their ends. At times three classic number segments meet up with in a spot, the visual density is high there. This situation has been transformed to a big dot for that new numbers. In case two classic number segments would likely meet, the density is medium and so the resulting dot is actually medium. A single line results in a tiny dot. No line – no dot in any way. So the new dot numbers have the same visual density because classic numbers but have a more abstract appearance. They will look weird at first, but they share a certain resemblance with their archetypes. There are four numbers aligned in the 2×2 array. The top ones tell your hours, the bottom ones tell the particular minute. The watch around these numbers is kept roundish and simple. The figures might look strange at first, but stylish throughout any case. This can be a watch for fans of abstract arts or minimalistic design. The particular 60′s charme of the case along with the straps are quite a diversion to current watches and have been a consequence of the dots that reminded me of a wallpaper pattern of that period.

Futuristic Digital Density Watch TokyoFlash

Sam says:
I was sketching for a stylish way to transform the classic 7-segment numbers. One day I thought about how these numbers would look, if seen through a perforated metal plate. Its holes would have a different visual density depending on how much lines meet underneath.
This is where the idea for Digital Density was born.

2012 Digital Density Watch Jerichow Sam Digital Density Watch TokyoFlash Digital Density Watch Concept

Samuel Jerichow Digital Density Watch Concept
Design by Samuel Jerichow


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