Four Squares Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Ignacio Design

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Four Squares Watch

Ignacio says:
“The inspiration for this watch design came from my previous submission, 4Cross. It’s practically the same idea, but much more simple and with another aspect. I searched for some inspiration in the Tokyoflash Watch Museum, the Tibida and Pimp Pusher watches inspiring me the most.

I designed two versions: one is LCD, always on and with various backlight colors. The other is LED, not always on with red LEDs with streamlined black IP. Both with a stainless steel case and strap. Both have two buttons in the right side, one to turn on backlight/leds, the other to set the time.

There are four squares arranged vertically. Each one is divided into 9 smaller squares and each position represents a number from left to right and top to bottom, from 1 to 9. Top two show the hours and two bottom show the minutes.

Anyone who loves Tokyoflash’s kinda watches. This time I tried to make it like a little jewel, something more typical of rich people. And people who likes minimalism, as I have tried to make the design.

I tried to be more like TokyoFlash designs that are no longer for sale, those “old designs”, such as “old school”, trying to give it a more tokyoflashy aspect. And it’s very easy to read.

The Watch Museum Four Squares Watch Concept TokyoFlash Four Squares Watch Concept Four Squares Watch TokyoFlash Four Squares Watch TokyoFlash Ignacio Design

Ignacio Four Squares Watch
Design by Ignacio Design


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