Triple Yin Yang Watch Concept TokyoFlash

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Triple Yin Yang Watch
The Triple Yin Yang Watch Concept is a binary design with a elegant design twist. Anyone interested eastern symbolism or tai martial artist & fashion fanatics. Each section of the Triple Yin Yang is used to Display a separate section or amount of time that has elapsed within a 12 hour period. The Red Sector is split into 12 section used to display the number of Hours (1-12) that have past. The Black section is divided into five section used to Display the number of Ten Minutes (10-50) that have elapsed. This is Followed by the White section Divided into nine sections used to display the number of single minutes (1-9) that have past.

Andrew says:
I came up with this latest Idea of transforming a Triple Yin Yang symbol in to a watch face.

Andrew Triple Yin Yang Watch TokyoFlash
Design by Andrew TokyoFlash


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