Supersonic Futuristic Car Concept by Marko Lukovic


Supersonic Futuristic Car Concept
The Supersonic is produced by Marko Lukovic of Serbia, a professor of industrial design. The structural design of SUPERSONIC is very essential and unique in comparison with other cars. Supersonic can hold two people seated 1 behind the other. It’s been recently designed with superb aerodynamics where main motivation was established based on high-speed Supersonic flying aircrafts. The particular principles of the wind resistant and easy styling have become radically emphasized. Ab muscles large Xenon head-lights are installed with blue Light emitting diodes, which produce the very striking and eye-catchy external design.
This innovative vehicle has been fashioned with three wheels where the front wheels are hidden and each regarding back wheels will be driven by a unique controlling electric motor. It’s got extra-durable lithium-ion batteries which are found at the rear part of the supersonic. The steering is made up of Drive-By-Wire system and the indication is automatic. That satisfies all long term needs and is quite light and safe and sound. Automatic pilot function is a typical function.
Design Supersonic Futuristic Car Concept

Marko Lukovic Supersonic Futuristic Car Concept
Design by Marko Lukovic


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