Wordcloud Typography Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Cory Farris

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Wordcloud Typography Watch
Wordcloud Typography Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Cory Farris are a brand-new phenomenon that has shown up within internet culture. It seems that will a watch using E-ink that will displays a wordcloud of the current period or date in interesting fonts would be a cool thing to possess on your wrist. From this kind of idea Clouds emerged. The word cloud always displays a ten minute segment of time. The current minute may be the largest of the cloud, as well as the size descends for four minutes into the past, five into the future. Hour is often displayed in an most caps word, and minutes are invariably displayed in a lower situation hyphenated word, or phrase like “half past” or “quarter till”.
Those who enjoy your light weight, long battery lifestyle of E-ink devices would enjoy this simplistic design. Your interesting patterns generated by word cloud software on the watch face will never always be the same arrangement twice. The semi-gloss polyurethane strap coupled with an ultra slender light weight case makes with an interesting combination. Any font can be uploaded towards the watch via USB which makes for endless mixtures of clouds.

TokyoFlash Wordcloud Watch Concept Typography Wordcloud Watch Concept Clouds Watch Wordcloud Typography Watch

Cory Farris Wordcloud Typography Watch Concept
Design by Cory Farris


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