Flying Bike Concept by DesignYourDreams

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On August 25, 2016
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Flying Bike
Flying Bike Concept by DesignYourDreams might still be a fantasy but we in no way stop toying around with this particular idea, just like this kind of Czech company. The short of this project is always to create a flying bike that still has a pair of basic requirements which are all features that typical bicycle has such as being able to get to a position convenient for taking off, it should be able to take off for approximately 3-5 minutes in the coordinate way. We are able to see a physical prototype of this cycling hovercraft inside September 2012 with the International Engineering Good in Brno, Czech.

2012 Flying Bike Concept Design Futuristic Flying Bike Concept Design Flying Bike Concept Vitu Jindnich Flying Bike Concept

DesignYourDreams Flying Bike Concept
Design by DesignYourDreams


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