Lamborghini Ankonian Concept Car by Slavche Tanevski

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Lamborghini Ankonian
Lamborghini Ankonian concept car is dependant on a design simply by Slavche Tanevski, a member of the Lamborghini Unprocessed trash Project. The Ankonian is known as after a famous african american haired bull, continuing the particular Lamborghini tradition of bovine acknowledgement. In a deviation from the usual styling hints found in supercars, the Ankonian is a bit downsized, with a taxi backward design reminiscent of grand touring automobiles. The supercar vibe from the design was created via a combination of soft and also angular lines. Taking cues from the Reventon, the aim of the style is to be aggressive and elegant at the same time. In an make an effort to be more environmentally liable, the design is scaly down to be more small.
Slavche Tanevski Lamborghini Ankonian Concept
Design by Slavche Tanevski


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