Rail Racers Motorsport Concept by Stefan Hermann

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On September 16, 2016
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Rail Racers Motorsport
Rail Racers Motorsport Concept by Stefan Hermann

Designer descriptions:
RAIL RACERS is an electric-motor based racing sport in the air, in which the vehicles get their drive energie directly out of the overhead racing track. Because of that, there is no need for very flammable fuel and heavy batteries with too much weight and too less performance.

The racing vehicles are flexible electric driven helicopters equipped with impellers, rotors and turbins.
Those helicopters (hereinafter racer) are connected to the overhead race track, just like autoscooters, with a conductive antenna.

Only by keeping contact to the race track, the pilots are able to drive their acceleration turbine at full power and reach top speed. Light weight capacitors supply energy to the electricmotors, if a pilot disconnect the track-connection. These capacitors keep the racer safe in the air, but with derated performance.

The race track is an overhead construction either built on girders or hangigng from wire rope towers like a suspension bridge. This construction gives possibility to organize racings in whole new, largely unused areas, without causing long term damage to the ground. There are racings over sand in deserts, trough unspoilt jungles, woods and canyons or even over open waters and snow.

An important aspect is, that the race track produces the needed electricity by itself, due to photovoltaic systems, windfarms and hydrolectric power stations, which are adapted to the specific area.

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Stefan Hermann Rail Racers Motorsport Concept Designer
Design by Stefan Hermann


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