SPACE65′ Yacht Concept by KeyframeStudio

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On September 18, 2016
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SPACE65 Yacht
SPACE65′ Yacht Concept by KeyframeStudio – This is a first sneak preview of the Space65′ yacht waiting for its official presentation later this year. This is the real superstar of Florence-based Italian design firm Keyframe Studio. The success of this day cruiser has been enormous. The numerous design innovations and the “timeless” styling of Space65′ have given the yacht great visibility which has culminated in the publication of the book “Space65′. YACHT DESIGN AND INNOVATION”. This book by ALINEA will be used by Universities around Europe to teach “masters” students how to design a state-of-the art yacht. Due to this success, KeyframeStudio is now styling the interiors and are planning to reveal them to the public this summer.

Futuristic SPACE65 Yacht Design
The Space 65′ yacht is designed with the idea to create a completely innovative yet timeless yacht both in function and in aesthetics at the same time maintaining the best use of all spaces (thus the name SPACE). All spaces on this yacht have been designed to interlace between each other to create new, larger, innovative and interchangeable areas that double the usability of the interior/exterior livability: The huge variable transparency glass dome makes the salon the most luminous of the category. The dome also overlooks the lower-deck salon giving it an amazing sensation of depth and light.

The huge glass aft door completely opens uniting the outer sunbed areas with the inside salon creating an enormous open space. Like the dome the main aft door is made entirely of variable transparency glass, this technology allows the door to become completely “not” transparent therefore becoming a perfect “cinema” screen for the the guests on-board Space 65′ yacht.

2013 Concept SPACE65 Yacht
The variable transparency glass is stratificated with liquid crystal films that are able to vary their polarization electrically. This allows the dome to be totally transparent (to enjoy a wonderful starry night), partially obscured (during the hot hours of the day) or completely obscured (to have maximum privacy in a port).

The tender is the strong point of the Space65′ Yacht, being totally integrated as part of the sea platform it becomes totally invisible when parked, using as its housing a part of the yacht that is usually not utilized and therefore allowing the engine room to be incredible in size. The tender will be revealed to the public along with the interior styling later this summer.

The tender storage in this special way has allowed Keyframe Studio to use the engine-room in a way that it is extremely spacious.

Futuristic Yacht SPACE65 KeyframeStudio KeyframeStudio SPACE65 Yacht Concept

2012 SPACE65 Yacht Concept
Design by KeyframeStudio


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