2012 BlackBerry Blade Smartphone Concept

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On October 4, 2016
Last modified:March 26, 2012


BlackBerry Blade
BlackBerry Blade Smartphone Concept design has a slight curved and the main touchscreen slides upward in order to reveal the familiar BlackBerry key pad. In a similar style to be able to slide out phones by Nokia in the early on 90′s. But there are furthermore fixed buttons beneath the touchscreen in addition to a trackpad. BlackBerry Blade can be connected to some other devices using the MicroHDMI, MicroVGA or even MicroUSB ports and the Blade comes having a MicroSD slot for expanded memory. The particular smartphone can also handle each HTML5 and Adobe Flash in addition to employing a 4G LTE connection to download content on the smartphone.

Smartphone Concept BlackBerry Blade

2012 BlackBerry Blade Concept
Design by BlackBerry [via]


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