Broken Ring Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Ignacio Design

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On October 20, 2016
Last modified:February 18, 2012


Broken Ring Watch

Ignacio says:
This design is a variation of another one that I am developing. The original idea is a watch with just one handle, and this design is a version of the same idea but with a more futuristic style. The time is displayed in two separate rings on the outside shows the minutes, and within the hour. In my opinion, I think make it look more minimalist, not add features or buttons, so it has a built-in touch screen. To read the time, simply tap in the center of the broken ring to turn it on. The brand, the white broken ring, indicates the part where you read the time, in the lower part.

And I think with this design I left to see the watch style I love, minimalist, “opaque when switched off but shining when switched on”. For everyone who loves minimalist and strange watches. My watch design style. The idea may seem similar to another design I made (Ronu), even I think of it, but the idea that I set is different, and their designs as well. I personally find it an original idea, I don’t remember seeing one like it right now, and I hope you like.

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Ignacio Design Broken Ring Watch Concept
Design by Ignacio Design


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