Lamborghini Eco Friendly by Flavio Adriani

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Lamborghini Eco Friendly
Flavio Adriani, the designer, created the Lamborghini Concept EV as a tribute to the man whom changed everything concerning sportcars, Ferrucio Lamborghini. The design, the lines, the impact from the car derive from an attractive, almost perfect mixture of the Diablo and Gallardo. The concept is not only just about passion for Lamborghini, it’s also equipped with the latest technology regarding the drive teach, pollution, energy saving as well as passenger safety. The automobile has an electric drive train, there are 4 electric engines in each of the 4 added wheels. The energy this engine needs to operate is gathered with the solar power panels placed over the motor compartment. These panels are V molded, giving the car a far more aggressive look, it’s just like the whole car says: “Eat my dust!”. The actual designer also installed a panel protecting passengers against lower frequency radiation. This kind of radiation comes from cellphones, antennas and other wireless gadgets. These radiations have proven to be dangerous to individual health bringing severe headaches, cancer and more.
For Flavio Adriani, the highest challenge designing this kind of electric Lamborghini was, the best way to bring the amazing sound of the engine that is removed. The solution he found are wind turbines. The air enters the particular tubes through the front bumper and can make its way to the actual central turbine giving it a plane engine sound. Imagine driving a car this staggering car in an ordinary city and every time you cross people by, they appear up, trying to look an airplane. That would be a beautiful feeling, the worry with such an impressive history and passion within, which sounds as an airplane.
Tribute Lamborghini Eco Friendly

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Front Lamborghini Eco Friendly
Design by Flavio Adriani


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