Vieria Vehicle Concept by Gunwoong Kim

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Vieria Vehicle
Feeling like today’s power vehicles aren’t maximizing their full potential, Gunwoong Betty & Suji Kim’s submission for the This year Michelin Challenge Design Display, the Vieria, aims to grow upon the development of power and other eco-friendly vehicle patterns by incorporating it’s own advanced air purification system to rid the natural environment of carcinogens and also other pollutants. The open-air absorption at the front of the vehicle “inhales” smog and “exhales” clean air over the filtered outtake. On the right away, the insect such as form maximizes sleek efficiency by getting it’s 4 independent thighs; for better stabilization the legs rocker out for significant road hugging.
Gunwoong Kim Vieria Vehicle Concept

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Futuristic Vieria Vehicle
Design by Gunwoong Kim


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