ARTIFACT LED Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Peter Fletcher


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On November 6, 2016
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ARTIFACT LED Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Peter Fletcher

Peter says:
This is “Artifact” an object found on a newly colonised planet. Its origins and primary purpose are unknown. Its believe this is a relic of a lost advanced civilisation destroyed by its own creations. The science and tech division have discovered that one of its basic functions can be used to tell the time.

The top triangular display which is either LED or Backlit LCD communicates the hours in a digital analogue format, in the center of which the PM indicator is located. The lower display communicates minutes in the same digital analogue format. The device is activated by the two touch sensitive areas at the top and bottom of the unit highlighted by a strange symbol (presumed the monica of the species the “Artifact” originates from)

In a strive to understand the “Artifact” better its has been suggested that Human test subjects where the device on a daily basis to see if the object enhances their lifestyle in anyway. The chosen subjects are deemed style conscious types with a taste for alien tech. People who want easily understood devices that communicate the time in a simple formats but look futuristic. The “Artifact” stands out from other recovered objects for its unusual appearance and combinations of materials. The display style looks unusual at first but is instantly recognisable. Although little is know about this object it is expected that it will be easily replicated at a viable cost using existing human technology.

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TokyoFlash ARTIFACT Watch Concept
Design by Peter Fletcher [via]


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  1. Peter Fletcher

    02/21/2012, 09:37 am

    Thanks Techcracks for Featuring this design, if anyone likes this they can vote, comment and share on the Tokyoflash blog to improve its chances of production!

    Peter Fletcher :D


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