Bristol Cars Concept by Amarpreet Gill

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Bristol Cars
This Bristol car notion is a combination of piezoelectric and also photovoltaic wizardry to create a platform that harvests energy from the surrounding environment, rewarding the customer with the gift associated with free energy, that can then be used, shared or sold. The clean, powerful but quintessential design, the automobile looks like any other, nevertheless upon closer evaluation you understand the potential of the thought.
The vehicle is a instrument where the user can be cultivated and learn expertise, to tailor as well as manipulate the piezoelectric threads to maximise the amount electricity harvested per voyage, in turn, strengthening the connection between the vehicle and its user. Similar to the means people share the techniques when growing fruit and vegetables, users could also discuss different techniques and also piezoelectric set ups, making a community and a a feeling of pride between the automobile owners, thus making an “AutoCultur”’.
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Design Car Bristol
Design by Amarpreet Gill


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