Denshino Analog Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Firdaus

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On November 2, 2016
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Denshino Watch Design
Denshino Analog Watch Concept TokyoFlash by Firdaus, This watch style is dedicated for you to everyone who attracted to fashion along with Japanese stuff. Call it Denshino that has the element of Japan, electronic, cryptic, abstract and fun! Denshino watch design might be made offered in stainless steel scenario and strap and also appealing in a variety of form of acetate material.

Idea Denshino Analog Watch Concept

Firdaus says:
How can you tell a product is a Japanese? I’m interested to a kanji character that is unique to Japanese and should describe Japanese sense to a product, I mean you always see it in most Japanese writing – “の” (pronounced “no”).
I want to design an always visible unique analog watch that is Japanese inspired. The watch should be visually unique without require user to press a button (except for switching on the back-light). Half and reverse analog time; should have a great artistic fusion with this shape “の”. (refer picture for further explanation).

Analog Watch Denshino TokyoFlash 2012 Denshino Analog Watch TokyoFlash TokyoFlash Denshino Analog Watch Design

Firdaus DENSHINO Watch Concept
Design by Firdaus TokyoFlash


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