SHOQ Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Samuel Jerichow


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On November 11, 2016
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SHOQ Watch TokyoFlash
SHOQ Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Samuel Jerichow

Sam says:
I’m a fan of the vibration watch concept from Akinori Nemoto and I also like the Buzz watch from Tamas Pal. I would really like to have such a minimalistic and cool watch and this is my way to say it icon smile

First I thought about an easier vibration code. I decided for a 12-5-9 variant with a long vibration – meaning 5 and a short one ・ meaning 1. 12 is the biggest number in this system and it is –・・ (5+5+1+1). The longest code is used for the 9 which is -・・・・ (5+1+1+1+1). Actually you don’t sit there calculating, you will feel it… you have to. Time gets told like that: the hours first, then ten minute steps, and finally single minutes. Between each number is a pause. 12:59 is –・・ – -・・・・. 0 is nothing so there is a long pause. 10:06 is — -・ then. Yes, it needs some concentration and it’s not suited for drunk people. It’s fun. You activate the watch by pressing a side of the case. Left is for date and right is for the time.

As for the look, I thought about having an optional LED response too, so the watch is not only fun for the wearer. A cool icon to represent this type of watch is an exclamation mark. This could flash when the time gets told. It might also be helpful in the first days to better sense the watch signals and get used to them. I think a tilt sensor, that lets the ! flash under a certain agitation would be uber cool. Key word: party! But maybe that’s too much.

So how to set such a watch? This is definitely the trickiest part. Nemoto-san made a good suggestion, letting the watch be radio controlled. An infrared connection to a smart phone would work too, maybe bluetooth opens up further options. Setting an alarm and animations can be easily done then. Shoq is my reminiscence to the previous vibration watch concepts. I like the idea of getting the time told without looking at the watch. Let’s discuss about this, cause such a watch has to be made!

2012 Design SHOQ Watch TokyoFlash Concept TokyoFlash SHOQ Watch Samuel Jerichow

Samuel Jerichow SHOQ Watch TokyoFlash Concept
Design by Samuel Jerichow [via]


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