Solar Floating Resort Yacht Concept by Michele Puzzolante

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On November 13, 2016
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Solar Floating Resort Yacht
Solar Floating Resort Yacht Concept by Michele Puzzolante is a combination of a yacht and also submarine that takes advantage of the sun for you to generate it’s own energy, non-polluting and works inside harmony with its natural surroundings. This specific resort features many items that you usually discover in a luxury yacht or a luxury hotel suite, the difference is the location. A new fully submerged observation bulb invites guests to enjoy breath taking underwater view, enjoy exotic fish, sharks, dolphins and other amazing sea creatures. Solar Floating Resort (SFR) can be installed around the beach to enhance any hotel’s value, this resort brings any hotel to be able to an ecological, non-polluting and self enough 7 stars level. Each of this resort has already been designed to accommodate up to be able to 6 person from sea, an ideal habitat for living inside marinas while still connected to the front beach hotels.

Inside this floating resort, guests will be spoiled using maximum privacy, perfect honeymoon getaway. Each SFR functions two single and also two double bedrooms where every room is completed with a private bathroom. Rather spacious kitchen, a dining area, a lounge area, a new pilot room, everything in this resort is decorated in elegant Italian style décor. Outside, guests will find a new large semi circular lounge or you can say a dining area using 6 individual evening beds and Jacuzzi for Half a dozen. Can you picture now what it feels like to be about one of these floating resorts?

Essentially the most special feature of Solar Floating Resort would be the submerged observation bulb. There are 6 armchairs available for guests to sit and relax while enjoying jaw dropping 360-degree underwater view through a thick crystal clear glass. Even when there’s no sunlight, guests can easily light a ring of 200-watt lights located across the observation area to illuminate the sea living.

If you think this resort will stay as concept, you need to know that most materials, systems and techniques used in Solar Floating Resort get already been applied efficiently in automotive and naval industries. Thus, the originality of this design and style is in its modularity program for easy installation.

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Michele Puzzolante Solar Floating Resort Yacht Concept
Design by Michele Puzzolante


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  1. Minwoo Kim

    06/04/2012, 09:46 pm

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