TapCaps Phone Fooler Concept by Alice Ning

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On November 29, 2016
Last modified:April 29, 2012


TapCaps Phone Fooler
TapCaps Phone Fooler Concept by Alice Ning

Alice says:
TapCaps are patent-pending capacitive stickers that you just stick onto any glove to make it useable with a touchscreen. It’s fooling your phone into believing that this little sticker is you by mimicking the capacitance of the human body! They work on leather gloves, motorcycle gloves, biking gloves, and even thick ski/snowboard gloves so you can use iPhones, iPads, and anything else with a touchscreen.

Like many things, the small size disguises its full power but don’t worry about it shocking you or anything. TapCaps automatically caps at the maximum amount of electricity that is currently in your body so it’s an always-safe perfect extension of you!

2012 TapCaps Phone Fooler Concept

Alice Ning TapCaps Phone Fooler Concept Design
Design by Alice Ning [via]


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