Cargo Scooter by Elliot Ortiz

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Cargo Scooter
Cargo Scooter by Elliot Ortiz – Scooter people. You see them. I see all of them. We all see them. These people can’t carry a very huge amount of peanuts. Merely what can fit in their particular backpack or in their own under-seat compartment. What artist Elliot Ortiz has whipped up here’s the solution for your baggage woes, the appropriately titled, “Cargo” scooter. Having its large capacity for storage and a “Drive by Wire” tank-style guiding system, it can hold up to one whole crapload involving junk.
Cargo Scooter 2
Cargo Scooter 3
Cargo Scooter 4
Cargo Scooter 5
Design by Elliot Ortiz


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