FloodHopper Rescue Boat Concept by James Barford

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On December 22, 2016
Last modified:August 13, 2012


FloodHopper Rescue Boat Concept by James Barford has been designed for flash flood disasters areas. Its main features that make it different from other rescue boats, is that it can be inflated from inside the home or the occupied building. This life raft is capable of feeding through narrow stairways and doorways, enabling the victims to escape in safety without entering the cold flood waters. It can be inflated using a small compressed air canister, and automatically inflates like today’s lifejackets. The user then uses the supplied folding paddles to maneuver through debris and onto open water.

The benefit for a self rescue option when in such a disaster, is that when a flood happens, the rescue services are inundated with SOS calls. With FloodHopper design it can relieve the rescue attempts on able bodied users, and allow the rescue services to get to the elderly and disabled. Its potential for international recognition would be massive with the increase in flooding and its relation to global warming.

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FloodHopper Inflating Self Rescuing Life Raft
Design by James Barford


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