Perodua Viva Evac Car Concept by Khairul Nua


Perodua Viva Evac Car Concept Khairul Nua
Due to the quick urbanization along with environmental disorder of today’s world, it’s quite sure that recent four or even more seater cars can only be found at junkyards or galleries in near future. Yet do you think it’s a perfect option? What about your family excursions that holds utmost importance to your loved ones life? Will you give up the fun for the sake of your current congested city as well as uncertain environment?
Fortunately, you don’t have to provided that Perodua Viva Evac car features 4 seats for your whole family, a compact decoration for the congested city and an all electrical driveterrain for the environment, put simply, a perfect transportation in the future communities. The appearance of your can surely pleasure all range of customers through shiny entire body, panorama roof leading and a noticeable develop headlight with LED detailing. The only thing stumbled on my mind that the custom could have added the ability of generating energy from the sun and store in the power packs for emergency use. However, still the structure is good enough to become an efficient car for the future.
Design Perodua Viva Evac Car Concept Khairul Nua

Frontside Perodua Viva Evac Car Concept

Futuristic Perodua Viva Evac Car Concept Khairul Nua
Design by Khairul Nua


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