PixlClock Multicolor LED Clock Concept by Eliel Cabrera

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On December 30, 2016
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PixlClock Multicolor LED Clock
PixlClock Multicolor LED Clock Concept by Eliel Cabrera is kind of clock has been built to work using a custom app for your mobile phone, in this method, you can develop and send your message from your mobile app to be able to PixlClock, it’s a cool reminder message. Furthermore, you can set your twitter account on this specific clock, so each and every time someone mentions anyone, you’ll get the actual notification on the panel

2012 Concept PixlClock LED Clock
PixlClock multicolor LED clock is interactive wall clock. Designed through Eliel Cabrera, It functions a 21×21 multicolor LEDs array in which enables you to change the particular display color and the clock display based on your own style. Fairly cool isn’t it? You are able to setup how this clock show the particular time, you are able to use electronic digital mode, binary code, QR code time or perhaps simply your traditional way, it’s your own choice.

LED Clock PixlClock Multicolor Design
PixlClock multicolor LED clock uses only one particular battery that is recharged by induction process. In the event the battery is lower, you’ll be notified with a small icon around the panel. You can uncover one associated with unique ways to display your time through the picture below, this clock shows a quarter past twelve. In case you are bored with the style, merely access the setup menu by tapping and sliding your finger along the proper side. You can choose different clock styles via that menu.

Futuristic PixlClock Multicolor LED Clock Concept Eliel Cabrera PixlClock Clock Concept PixlClock Multicolor Clock Concept Eliel Cabrera Design PixlClock Multicolor LED Clock

Watch Concept PixlClock Multicolor LED
Design by Eliel Cabrera


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