Zodiac Analogue Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Andrew

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On December 13, 2016
Last modified:February 23, 2012


Zodiac Analogue Watch
Zodiac Analogue Watch TokyoFlash Concept by Andrew

2012 Watch Concept Zodiac Analogue Andrew

Andrew says:
This concept is based on various world Zodiac such as The Western Zodiac, The Chinese Zodiac & The Aztec Calendar. I call this concept: The Zodiacs

This concept is a analogue movement watch. Instead of Hands their are Two discs with a slit cut into them. As the Hour & Minute Disc move they expose the Coloured Back light with only light up when the Back light button is press on the watch.

Each Zodiac Design is etched on to / in to a smoked glass or metal lens that fits over the moving discs of this watch. The outer Ring is used as the PM Indicator. Anyone in to astrology, star gazing & Mystic symbolism. A unusual twist to an analogue watch.

Andrew Zodiac Analogue Watch TokyoFlash Concept

TokyoFlash Zodiac Analogue Watch Design
Design by Andrew TokyoFlash


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