+-8 Watch Concept by Zhejiang University

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On January 12, 2017
Last modified:February 26, 2012


+ 8 Watch Concept
+-8 Watch Concept by Zhejiang University presents the period as some thing we can touch. Your digits on the watch face extrude beneath the particular flexible surface so they can be felt along with seen. Pressing your button on the side in the watch causes each of the units of the electronic digital figures to extrude. Your wearer can reinstate the correct period by pressing along the irrelevant units. Even though +-8 offers any new approach to engage along with time, this also makes it possible for those along with impaired vision to read the particular time.
Design by Prof.Ying Fangtian, Chai Chunlei, Chen Qingyuan, Li Ke, Pan Yu, Cao Yu, Gu Shirong, Liu Yi, Pan Xiaobi & Li Xiaowei from Zhejiang University for red dot award


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